ADVANCE POLYMER J.T. Co., Ltd. was established 1977. We started to produce plain elastomeric bearing pad to serve the short span bridges. At that time, most of the bridges in Thailand were minor bridges with a span length of not greater than 10.00 meters.

During the year of our establishment, the Expreeway and Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand started constructing the first stage expressway project, namely, the Din Daeng - Port, Bangna - Port, and 
Dao Kanong - Port, The design called for the use of Laminated Elastomeric Bridge Bearing which was imported from United Kingdom.

For seeing the potential of this product to serve the market, we started our R&D to produce laminated elastomeric bridge bearings in order to suit this rapid growth in restructuring expansion of the country, and to compete with the expensive imported products. Then in year 1985, we had become the first local manufacturer to be able to design, test, and manufacture the laminated elastomeric bridge bearings conforming to the international specification of BS, AASHTO and DIN. IN year 1986, the first installation of our laminated bridge bearing had been officially approved by Department of Highways in the construction of the Rangsit - Bangpoon bridges over the railway crossing to replace the imported products.

Up to now, Advance Polymer has employed in numerous Thailand's mega bridge construction projects by supplying such bridge components as elastomeric bearing,
pot bearing, disc bearing, spherical bearing, lock-up device, railing system, bridge expansion joint, railway expansion joint for the following categories :

1. Owned by Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA) :
     * Purple Line (Bangsue - Bangyai)
     * Blue Line (Thaphra - Bangkae)
     * Red Line (Bangsue - Talingchan)
     * Red Line (Bangsue - Rangsit)
     * Green Line (Bearing - Samutprakarn)

2. Owned by the Expressway Authority of thailand :
     * Sri-Rat Expressway
     * Southern Outer Bangkok Ring Road Project (SOBRR)
     * The Connection of Bangphli - Suksawat Expressway with Buraphawithi Expreeeway Project
     * The Third (3rd) Stage Expressway (S1 Part and 2)
     * The Second (2nd) Stage Expressway (Contract SC - 2 and Sector B)
     * Ramindra - At Narong Expressway (Contract 1 - 10)
     * Bang Pa In - Pakkret Expressway
     * Ramindra Outer Ring Road Expressway (Contract 1 and 2)

3. Owned by the Department of Highway :
     * Don Muang Toll Way (DMT)
     * Bhromrajchonni Viaduct
     * Southern Outer Bangkok Ring Road Project (Southern Section)

4. Owned by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration :
     * Bangkok Transit System (BTS)
     * BMA's 15 Steel Flyover Bridges
     * Rama Vlll Bridge
     * Jaturatit Section A, B, and C

5. Owned by AOT (Airport Authority of Thailand) :
     * Suvarnabhumi International Airport

6. Owned by Department of Rural Highway :
    * Industrial Ring Road Project (IRR)