Advance Polymer J.T. Co., Ltd. was founded in 1977. Under the motto "GO FORWARD TO WIN" and strong determination, we had achieved the success of being the first manufacturer in Thailand to design, produce, and test the laminated elastomeric bridge conforming to the international standards and specifications.

Almost 10 years, the company has gained valuable experiences and expanded its operation to serve several prestigious mega projects in Thailand such as Bangkok Transit System (BTS), Don Muang Toll Way (DMT), Ramindra - At Narang Expressway (Contract 1 - 10), Pakkret Bang Pa - In Expressway, Second Stage Expressway (Contract SC - 2 and Sector B), Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Southern Outer Bangkok Ring Road (SOBRR), etc. Further at present, we have been engaging our products with all electrified train projects or MRT (i.e., Blue Line, Red Line, Purple Line and Green Line) which will transport millions of passengers in Bangkok and neigboring area.

Advance Polymer has been riding the wind of change. We have manufactured and supplied such other bridge components as bridge expansion joints, sound barrier systems, lock - up devices, and railing systems to our bridge society. Internationlly, Advance Polymer J.T. Co., Ltd. has been certified to since the year 2001 for "Manufacturer of Elastomeric Bridge Bearings, Rubber Seals, and Rubber Parts". We also have expanded our exportation for laminated elastomeric bearings as well as expension joints to South East Asia countries, especially for Laos, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, USA, Canada, Pakistan as well as in Middle East region.

The company's over all success has been achieved through its trusted reputation and regular business transaction with the customers. We would like to express our sincere thanks to all our customers for their supports and we can assure you our commitment to further improvement on efficiency and services for your total satisfaction.

Ratchakorn Nutayakul