Plain Bearing Pads are capable of carrying compressive loads, at the same time allowing small movement and rotational capacity.

Standard size :
Width (mm.) 100, 125, 150, 200
Thickness (mm.) 10, 15, 20, 25

Laminated Bridge Bearings are made up of multi-elastomer layers with reinforced steel plates vulcanized to the individual layers. It can be produced with a rectangular or circular design to meet individual design requirements. These products are simple. robust and corrosion free as the steel inserts are covered entirely by rubber. Easy to install and they will provide long problem-free service. 

With an introduction of PTFE, slide bearings offer greater movement capacity with a lower cost when compared to pot or disk bearings, A steel of PTFE can be vulcanized directly to simple reinforced elastomeric bearings during production. By sliding on a special counter plate with an extremely low coefficient of friction and allows bearing to move in one or not the guided components are featured.

Two external steel plates can be vulcanized directly to elastomeric bearings during production so that the bearings can be secured to the structure by mechanical anchoring or gluing in order to reduce the risk of slipping.