For the best result, Elastomeric Laminated Bearing should be a so-called "tailor made" to suit particular vertical load, horizontal load, horizontal movement and rotation of the superstructure. This is, therefore, impossible that "manufacturer standard types" can perfectly accommodate all the requirements. If the client comes to us with detailed drawing and criteria load data. we will serve them in the detailed design by our expertise designer.

General Required Data

* Maximum and Minimum vertical loads.
* Maximum positive and negative movements in longitudinal and transverse directions.
* Longitudinal and transverse horizontal loads.
* Angular rotation.
* Available plan dimension.


Advance Polymer can produce Elastomeric Bearings in conformity to the following International standards : European EN 1337.3, British BS 5400, German DIN 4141 and American AASHTO. The elastomer used is usually in form of Natural Rubber (Polyisoprene). or Polychloroprene (Neoprene), depending on specifications.